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Animated Infographic

Infographics are graphically visual representation of information,
data and knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. People
use infographics to quickly communicate a message, to alter the presentation of
huge amounts of data, to check data patterns and relationships, and to monitor
changes in variables over time. The core purpose of a high quality infographic
designs to simplify a complex idea that makes them great instructional tools, especially once presenting an
overview of a topic rather than of an in-depth analysis.

When drawing comparisons, infographics facilitate organize
similarities and variations by visually making parallels that complement the
information being presented.

Comparisons can be difficult to express with words, typically to the
point of being more confusing than revealing to the audience. By presenting the
similar information in a neatly organized Innovative infographic, comparisons
become clearer.

Just like static infographics, the animated
versions convey data, information and statistics through a mix
of words and images. The advantage, of course, is that infographic videos have
the additional dimensions of motion and an audio track, voiceovers and sound

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distance: 5,145 Miles
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